About Us

Palmyra Turk

“Palmyra Turk” is a limited company founded by a group of businessmen and specialized engineers with wide range of expertise in real estate projects management with the aim of contributing to infrastructure development.
we strive towards accomplishing real estate partnership based on credibility and reliability when meeting real estate market requirements.
We are distinguished by its experience in the field of real estate project opportunities and substitutes that stem from its strategic alliances with leading local and regional companies. In addition, financing structures are coordinated with involved companies.


We provide high quality competitive real estate projects committed to reliability and professionalism. Our mission is to make every effort to secure the best offers and most favorable prices for our valued customers



Although we are among the top real estate development companies in Turkey, We aspire to broaden our business throughout the region. We have the positivity, and creativity to achieve the driving force we deserve in the real estate sector.


Our day-to-day operations in business of real estate are guided by the following sets of culture and beliefs that resonate with our employees and stakeholders.

  • SAFETY of the work environment.
  • INTEGRITY of our conduct in a legal manner.
  • CARE for our employees, our greatest assets.
  • EXCELLENCE by utilizing innovation and ingenuity.

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